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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

Polar UpLink Tool is a rather unique application that facilitates the user to transfer the setting from a PC onto a wrist unit along with the logos as well. It has many fancy operations such as provisions for creating customized logos for personalizing the wrist unit, and the user can even edit or transfer the settings onto the Polar product with great ease.
However, the application makes use of audio transmission, hence for using the Polar UpLink Tool the user requires a sound card as well as speakers. The user can even change the language at the main screen and opt for the preferred language.

A word of caution is not to wear the transmitter while using the Tool as it may lead to interference of data that is being transferred between the application and the wrist unit.

The tool offers great compatibility with wide varieties of wrist units including AXN700, AXN500, AXN300, CS300, CS200, CS100, F55, F11, F6, F4, RS200, RS100, S120, S150, S210, S410, S510, S520, S610, S610i, S625X, S710, S710i, S720i, S725, S725X, S810 and S810i.

So as a whole, this is a pretty innovative application offering good compatibility and quick operation.


  • Unique features and fast operation


  • Needs a sound card and loudspeakers
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trusted DOWNLOAD 1.7 MB
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